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Carbon dating places its arrival here around 10,000 B. As that war ended, Megatron made a pact with a traitorous Autobot named Sentinel Prime to ditch Cybertron for Earth, enslave humanity, and use our planet’s resources to rebuild their home world.On their way here, though, Megatron crashed himself into some Arctic ice and froze for thousands of years; the same thing happened to Sentinel, but on the moon.'This fact is something I learned in cosmetology school.I was surprised to discover that layering hair is not performed just to create different lengths.

Some of the most common locations for the development of Ringworm include: Ringworm received its name from the fact that it forms a type of red itchy lesion that looks like a worm coiled into a ring formation.

One of the most confusing types of hair styles are those that are layered.

Even the term "layering" is often misunderstood by hairdressers and hair consumers alike.

When ringworm occurs on the scalp it is known as Tinea Capitis.

The outer part of the ring is most often scaly but the skin within the circle appears to be normal.

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