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He really isn’t into the ‘celeb scene’ and does his own thing.” At the same time that Kardashian’s love life is heating up, so is her career.

Kardashian headed to NYC after a PDA-filled trip to Miami with Thompson, to promote her new line of denim, Good American.

The 34-year-old uploaded an Instagram video montage that showed Gomez, Aiko and Tinashe bopping along to No Frauds in cars.

Back in 1999, I was stationed in Japan on the USS Kitty Hawk as an engineer with the Navy.

She jumped on the bandwagon alongside Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Jhene Aiko.

Nicki released two singles striking back at Ma, who, in a shock twist, also released two tracks poking fun at her rival.

So it's no surprise Lily Cole looked utterly relaxed as she enjoyed some me time and a spot of shopping in London on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

Making the street her catwalk, the actress, 29, showed off her model-honed legs in the tiny pair of denim shorts in the bustling streets.

She recently starred in Elizabeth I and took to the West End in a production of The Philanthropist.

I saw that with skills, the right tools and hard work I could be successful.

At the time I was dating a girl who was into designer denim.

I had no idea what 7s, Joes or True Religions were. I thought…I’m an engineer, I can figure out how to make jeans.

Trying to impress my girl, I went to find some for myself. Once I set my mind to making jeans, I was lucky enough to meet The Guy in San Francisco who knew everything about manufacturing denim.

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The 24-year-old wore a daring pair of denim chaps attached to Daisy Dukes, revealing plenty of well toned thigh.

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